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Tell Us Your Story...We'd Love to Hear it.

Tell Us Your Story...We'd Love to Hear it.

Wealth planning requires the careful orchestration of cash flow, savings and investments, risk management, and a clear articulation of financial goals and resources.  But for each client, these very important components are deeply personal and require many conversations and important context.  At Marciano Wealth Advisors we value and encourage these conversations and thrive on "customer intimacy". 

One of the greatest treasures over the years is having heard our clients tell us "their story".  They tell us about their past and their expectations of their future, about their youth and their relationships and their careers, about their children and grandchildren, about business ventures and travel experiences, and about lessons learned and of opportunities that have come their way.  Ultimately, they share with us their dreams for their future in a very vivid and clear way -- and they humble us when they engage us to work with them to plan for those dreams.

The stories we hear are rich with details, beautiful and personal.  And we would consider it an honor to hear yours.

Tell Us What Matters Most to You...

Tell Us What Matters Most to You...

A list of our valued clients may seem, at first, to be a vast array of unrelated individuals:  retirees who've worked diligently and who have saved for retirement through various employer provided retirement plans, corporate executives who have had to carefully navigate stock options, school teachers, entrepreneurs, business owners, young families who are trying to make smart financial decisions today while saving for college and retirement tomorrow, doctors, dentists, scientists and artists.

On the surface, these may appear to be unrelated individuals with wildly different financial opportunities and challenges and with seemingly nothing in common.  But over the last 30 years, we have realized that our clients share some very critical similarities.

Typically, our clients:

  • Are purposeful and "present" in their lives - they care about their "now" and they carefully consider the decisions being made today and how they will affect their future

  • Value smart, collaborative professionals in their lives - they appreciate deep, caring, and meaningful relationships with their trusted advisers 

  • Understand that "money" is valuable and saving is critical - but they define their lives not on a number or by a spreadsheet, but on the quality of their life, the experiences that their money can afford them, and the fullness and richness of their life

  • Are willing to learn and to be patient in their planning and investing - many investors make decisions on what they "think they know" or what they've read or heard from someone at some time in the past that may no longer apply.  Smart planning and investing requires education, and we are happy to provide that to our clients in every call and meeting, deliberately and regularly -- and it requires patience and understanding in markets and in moments that may, at times, be challenging 

  • Respect the details - wealth planning, done thoughtfully and purposefully, is a careful orchestration of many moving parts including savings and investment planning, risk management and insurance planning, cash flow analysis and financial planning and legacy and estate planning.  The details are critical and require our clients to be engaged and empowered in the process. We ask that they allow for their tax professionals and attorneys to collaborate with us periodically so no detail is missed