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Value of Independence

If You Could Have it All...
What Would you Want?

If You Could Have it All... What Would you Want?

It is natural for any consumer, when investigating a process that is as deeply meaningful and personal as the wealth management process is, to simply wish for clarity, simplicity and fairness in the process.

We feel exactly the same way.  So we thought we would build our business around that very thought. 

And that led us to a simple question that we ask ourselves constantly: 

"Given everything we have learned over time about wealth planning and the financial services landscape, if I were a client, what would I want?"

As an independently owned company, we are not encumbered by many limitations that might interfere with the singular goal of serving our clients. And when asking that critical question, it allowed us to make a true "wish list" that we hope to provide our clients.

This independence allows us to:  

  • Price our services efficiently and economically, to be fee-based and not commission-based

  • Utilize a proprietary, independent research methodology resulting in recommendations that satisfy our highest standards and intense scrutiny

  • Focus entirely on our clients best interests

  • Provide customized, personalized services