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Legacy Planning

It is a selfless, loving, and generous exercise to examine certain of life's deepest questions:  what will my legacy be to my spouse, children, and grandchildren once I'm gone?  What charities or institutions will further the ideals that matter most to me?  How can I provide a positive influence on my heirs, or even the world, once I'm no longer here?

With ongoing conversations and with the coordination of the efforts of one's financial advisor, tax and legal professionals, and with proper documentation and the coordination of resources, financial legacies can be created that may help to crystallize those plans.

Paint Us a Picture:  How Would You Describe Your Ideal Estate Plan?

At Marciano Wealth Advisors, we often act as a catalyst for our clients to articulate their estate planning goals, clearly and thoughtfully, to their attorney -- and to revisit those conversations regularly as their life evolves. 

We'll even attend meetings with our clients and their attorney as they memorialize those plans within the necessary legal documents that their attorney prepares.

For Business Owners, Planning for a Perfect Transition is Just as Critical

For many of our clients who own successful, closely held businesses, the business itself becomes their greatest financial asset.

We encourage our clients to explore certain critical questions about their legacy and the continuity of their business should they wish to retire, sell the business, transfer it to the next generation, or even if they were to die prematurely or become disabled.

With proper planning and with the proper legal documentation, these critical issues can be addressed calmly, preemptively, and without the duress that often occurs in the absence of planning.